Street artist, NOTNOT has always been obsessed by eyewear. After a decade of accumulating sunglasses, he began experimenting with ways to reinvigorate the unused pairs in his collection. By reshaping lenses and editing ordinary frames, he created the first hand shaped SUNNYS. These sunglasses were all handcrafted one of a kind redesigns of unremarkable eyewear. Demand for these bespoke recreations quickly proved overwhelming, leading NOTNOT to develop his own range using the expertise developed during those early days.
Designer Notnotcamscott
SUNNYS are not only unique in design but also in character as they enable a charitable choice for a conscientious consumer. After working with The Fred Hollows Foundation on an artistic endeavour, NOTNOT decided that $5 from each pair sold will be donated to their efforts in ending avoidable blindness.