Sunnys Fit Guide

This range was diligently designed to fit all faces.
Years of research has lead to these specifically sized pairs that accommodate everyone. Aside from their dimensions, Sunnys have some innovative design features that allow them to fit your face like never before.
Our nose pieces are crafted from a durable yet malleable metal alloy that ensures Sunnys can be tailored to your individual needs.
So worry no more . . . noses wide or small . . . skinny or tall . . . Sunnys has you covered.
Simply bend the pieces to suit your nose.
Sunnys nose pieces
This simple but effective design feature will also allow you to adjust their height.
Sunnys sitting a bit high for you? Bend the nose pieces outwards to drop them down and visa versa.
Another design feature unique to Sunnys are our one of kind lenses. This lenses not only look incredible but can also accentuate the awesomeness of your face. For example, a narrower face could be best framed by our Side Slice lens to show off that skinny skull of yours.
Whilst a wider face could be look best with a pair of our Uppercut lens.
So don't play it safe. Our Uppercut, Oblique or Side slice will put you a cut above the crowd.

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